First time doing a self serve dog wash? Our clerks are here to help. We give you everything you need. And we clean up.

These 10 tips make it fun for both of you:
  • Brush your dog before the bath
  • Use tie downs for safety
  • Always use warm water
  • Keep the spray close
  • Talk calmy to your pet
  • Use dog shampoo
  • Towel off most of the water
  • Start the dryer on low speed
  • Reward your dog
  • Encourage teeth brushing

Easy to do

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing who you want to care for your pet. We have washed many many many pups and loved every one. Cats too! Loving care is our mission. We don't kennel dogs for hours or cage dry. We provide a healthy open pen for dogs to hang out. If yours is less social, we have separate options.

Self serve dog wash

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DIY dog wash tips

Self serve dog wash

Do-it-yourself dog wash 

Our big blue tubs are easy to use and come with safety tie downs so you can control your pup during the bath. The elevated tubs are easier on your back and knees than your home bathtub. Best of all, no mess for you at home. Your drain doesn't get clogged. Shedding fur stays at the shop. No mounds of laundry for you to do.

Our big blue washing stations come with everything needed for you to wash your dog comfortably and easily.

$18 super wash self serve includes:
  • waterproof aprons (for you)
  • warm water
  • multiple shampoo options
  • conditioner
  • tear-free face soap
  • tear stain remover
  • ear wipes
  • toothbrushes
  • paw balm
  • brushes
  • blow dryers
  • towels
  • tie downs for safety