Legacy road really saves wetlands, Beattie says By Zack Van Eyck Deseret News staff writer • Jan. 22, 1999

UDOT highway proposal would pave over Utah Lake wetlands By Todd Hollingshead and Patty Henetz The Salt Lake Tribune • January 21, 2007 


Wetlands are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. These habitats benefit many wildlife species and provide recreational opportunities, clean water and other ecological benefits for people.

Despite this fact, wetlands continue to be threatened. This especially hits home in Utah. One only need to look back at the decades long fight over the Legacy Highway to understand the issues wetlands face year after year.

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“Funds raised through Rescue Our Wetlands will allow Ducks Unlimited to protect more of North America's most vital, yet threatened landscapes.”
—Ducks Unlimited President Paul Bonderson Jr.

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Join us on Nov 30 at 5pm: We will give Ducks Unlimited the first of two big checks. See how much we’ve raised this month.

Join us on Dec 30 at 5pm: We will give Ducks Unlimited the second big check. See how much we’ve raised this month.

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