• Loving care
  • Pet safe products
  • Bath, conditioner, glands, ears, paw pads, nail cut, and sanitary trim
  • Full groom includes all the above plus trim or shave

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Teeth brushing $5

Healthy pet care doesn't just stop at the coat. Bad teeth and gums are a common problem as dogs age. We recommend deep cleaning at your vet. Regular brushing can help. We offer it as a $5 add on with grooming--and we give you the brush and instructions for home care. So you can make it part of your pups home maintenance routine.


Most popular add on: FURminator $15

Fun fact: Dogs with fur shed. Spring is the best time to see tufts and clumps of fur hanging around. Dogs blow their cots a couple times a year and it's amazing how much fur they can shed. The FURminator $15 includes special products to wash, condition, and loosen fur and then we take extra time to brush out your pup.

Pet and Dog Grooming Services

  • Cage dry
  • Kennel during waits

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Is your pup matted?

Most every dog that comes in has a mat or two. Removing those is part of the groom. But lots of mats take textra ime to remove. We charge $10 for dematting and we'll let you know at drop off. Pelt matted is rare but happens. It's $15 to remedy this. Out of kindness, we only shave out tough mats.

Nail dremeling $5 

Often called nail grinding, this add on is quick, easy and painless for your pup. How it works: The nail trim is included in your groom price. We use clippers to cut the nails back to a safe length just shy of the nail quick. Dremeling takes this an extra step and gets nails as short as we can get. It's like a fast filing at the nail salon. And it has big benefits. Shorter nails, less clickety click when dogs walk, and softer polished nail edges so your pup won't scrape you when you play or cuddle.

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