Cats shed all year round and more so when seasons change. If you have a good brushing routine at home, you can keep up with the fur. But without daily brushing, your cat could be at risk for hairballs. Per the ASPCA, your cat may suffer from hairballs if not groomed regularly. Also a cat groom can prevent long haired cats from becoming matted.

Cat grooming is safe

Special Care


The Lion cut
involves a close shave on most of the body, but leaves longer fur around the neck, head, and end of the tail. Your tiny feline will look like a big lion and best of all will have less matting and shedding.

Cats that come to PupTub get special treatment. We keep them in the travel condos you bring them in so there's no risk.

Cat grooming styles

  • Warm bath
  • Feline safe shampoo
  • Cat approved conditioner
  • Blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Shave, if requested
  • Choice of style: lion cut, clown cut, 


The Clown cut
is a fun option that leaves more fur on the shoulders, head, legs, and end of the tail. This is a good style for cats prone to matting, with the added benefit of reduced shedding.

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